– is the sum total of our being: our thoughts, our feelings; all that we have and possess at this point in our lives.

In fact, it defines the core of our existence, regardless of our faiths or beliefs. It is like the biosphere of a planet, that covers the land, sea and atmosphere. In this case, it is the biosphere that covers the individual.

Our consciousness is never static. It either evolves or devolves; moving up or down. We shape our consciousness moment to moment, through the passage of our daily lives; that is reflected in our thoughts, words, feelings, actions. This is done either consciously or unconsciously; going forward or backward.

Our experience in life and our capacity to manage it, depends on the level of our consciousness. The more expansive our consciousness, the greater our experiences; the better are we at managing our lives.

At Thy Vision Smile, we believe in evolving your consciousness consciously. Through it, you can build a bigger capacity for greater understanding, wisdom, compassion and love, which are hallmarks of a higher consciousness.

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  • National Library 3rd Floor
  • 2024-04-17 to 2024-04-17
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每一个人都有自己的灵性挑战, 无论是肉体,灵性,心智(思维,潜意识),情绪,家庭,社交和财富。我们要如何应付并掌控。你是光,你的真实存在。赋予你有生具有的智慧来解决。唤醒你的光体,超越人性,进入光的意识是唯一的途径。 请拨电或传讯:88939136 询问详情。 本说明会由永恒之光中心赞助 Everyone has his/her Spiritual challenge, physical, spiritual, mental (mind or sub-conscious mind), emotion, family, social and financial. What can we do to deal and manage it. You are Light, Your Being. It will give you your birthright wisdom to help you to dissolve. Awakening your Light Body, Read more ...

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was founded in 1999 by a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds with a common vision: to provide a platform for individual self-empowerment. This is achieved through proven methods of the progressive expansion of consciousness which leads to greater capacity to manage life more effectively.

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To build and sustain a community of special and inspired individuals working towards their higher purpose