Course for Light Body Graduates


Self Exciting– Building Your Light Body


Self-exciting is a state of being that allows the opportunity for all energies, actions, thoughts - all of who people are - to contribute to and to carry them on their energy flow. This is a state when everything works, clicks, and becomes a part of one’s being in a magical way. It is also the state of being excited about life, energized and committed.

The Awakening Your Light Body course was to awaken the light body, and in the process become committed to growth and to discovering more states of consciousness.

Self-exciting is an opportunity to learn how to build consciousness for creating opportunities for moment to moment awareness. As you take advantage of these opportunities you create more and more light. As you explore you will discover other ways of creating consciousness, such as through discovering and “inventing” frequencies. As you master these skills, you will find that self-exciting is also a doorway to even more profound experiences. Self-exciting is a state in which you can choose to operate from at all levels of consciousness. And from that state, you can begin to explore and expand your consciousness, to build consciousness, and to expand awareness.

The Benefits

The benefits of acquiring self-exciting skills will be unique to each person. Everyone has the opportunity with self-exciting to experience living moment to moment more easily.

  • The ability to experience will be enhanced.

  • The ability to recognize and to join the flow of life will become more conscious, something that people can recognize and can probably more easily choose to do.

  • The ability to know peace and calm will increase.

  • The ability to generate and recognize emotional flow, mental fluidity, and physical ease will be increased as you develop these skills of self-exciting

  • The ability to build the intensity of light body frequencies

  • The ability to radiate your light like a radiant sun

  • The ability to shift to expanded states of consciousness at will

  • The ability to place radiance on anything – your career, relationship, etc.