Stress Buster Program

Stress builds when we don’t manage our mind and emotions, an increasingly challenging task in the face of modern demanding work and life situations. Knowledge and helpful hints may not be effective enough, particularly where stress has accumulated and impacted the individual, physically, mentally and emotionally. A sustainable solution is a holistic approach combining principles and practical tools.

This 4 hr program will equip participants with an understanding of combating stress holistically, what stress is and how it impacts them physically, emotionally and mentally, learning clinically proven relaxation techniques to unwind stress built up, developing the habitudes to manage stress in all areas of their lives with imageries and experience.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Be aware of the causes of stress and how to manage it
  • Manage challenging life situations with greater calmness and clarity of mind.
  • Dramatically reduce stress with clinically-proven techniques that can be done in a few moments.
  • Achieve significant relief from chronic pain and headaches.
  • Increase energy levels, boost the immune system, enhance the body’s ability to deal with the impact of stress
  • Enhance personal productivity. Focus the mind where you want it to go, to achieve results more quickly and effectively.

Workshop structure

Can be conducted either as a 4-hour workshop or 2 weekly sessions (over lunch for organisations) of 2 hours each

This one day workshop is a springboard to gaining insights on your life direction as you explore the current state of your life and the vision of your desired life with fresh eyes, free from the limitations of your conditioned mind, by connecting with your heart’s intelligence. Experience a transformational shift in perspective and acquire the tools to be the predominant creating force of your life.

The Benefits From This One Day Workshop:

  1. Discover and realize indoctrinated thoughts and beliefs, that shape your decisions and actions and how to break free of limited patterns of thinking.

  2. Relaxation, clarity and awareness – get into a calm state and know where you really are in the different areas of your life and the direction of your life.

  3. Living From Vision - understand key principles of developing a vision and creating the life . Know what you really want and not just what you think you want and identify a clear road map to aligning with your life purpose and turning your dreams into physical reality

  4. Create SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

  5. Cultivate a joyful, thankful attitude to fully bring to life your desired dream

What You Will Learn:

- Techniques to manage attention and energy levels to stay centered within, heighten self awareness to have clarity of mind with a 360 degrees view of circumstances/situation and foresight resulting in better choices and decisions

- Heart energy exercises for heart-brain coherence, deep relaxation and uplifting mood

- Guided creative visualization and imagery process to step back, be creative and think out of the box, shift attitude, gain insights to situations/problems that might have been recurring

- Principles of appreciation and the practice of it to create a life of appreciation around you and see the miracles happen

- How to be aware, conscious and align your thoughts, words, emotion and action towards creating the life you want.

- Understand 6 key universal laws governing the process of creation –

a) Law of Attraction
b) Law of Attitude
c) Law of Unity
d) Law of Fascimile
e) Law of Assumption
f) Law of Love, Appreciation & Gratitude

- The language of imagery, thinking in a patterned whole vs linear or analytical thinking, creation through ENERGIZING!

- Refocusing technique to keep you focused on positives things you want in your life

- Plan of action: Commitment, Discipline, Determination & making it happen