Life is a delicate balancing act as we wrestle with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. How often do you find yourself struggling to cope up with the demands of daily life as we live it now? There is never enough time. Each day you race through the day having to cope with relentless demands at work, going home exhausted but having to deal with your family’s clamor for your attention. Over time it takes a huge toll and you find yourself melting down.

To achieve the balance and abundance in all areas of your life namely mental clarity, social harmony, emotional awareness, financial abundance, spiritual upliftment, physical vibrancy, it all begins with YOU. YOU hold the key to be the captain of your own ship, master of your own life. You may have excelled in certain areas of your life but somehow there is always a missing link or that innate ability in you but have never had the chance to exemplify.

At Thy Vision Smile, we are offering YOU a chance of a lifetime to reinvent and discover yourself in ways that you have never imagined!

Explore your inner worlds...

Connect with your ideal self...

Develop your innermost potential...

Heighten your awareness...

Last but not least, be in complete control of your life and manifest the IDEAL self and the IDEAL life that you have always desired!

Doesn’t that sound a little too tough to be achieved ALL at the same time?

This is where Thy Vision Smile Self Mastery Program for all individuals ranging from young adults to senior citizens play an important role in offering all these lifelong techniques you need through step-by-step coaching, guided sessions and individual monitoring to help you co-create a healthy, dynamic and purposeful life.

Thy Vision Smile Self Mastery program is the result of more than 15 years of research and experience. It is a synthesis of essential life management skills that marries the wisdom of the ages with the cutting edge techniques of the present. The emphasis in this course is on the experiential rather than the theoretical. This is a critical factor for transformation can only take place through direct personal discovery.

The program is a deliberate integration of the methodologies below where it becomes a complete framework for a participant to make the fundamental shifts and effect the desired transformation.

Awakening the Light Body

Living From Vision

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth


In total 60 hours of training comprising of –

A . Awakening Your Light Body conducted in 3 modules over 3 months. Each Module consists of one Main Training session on Fountain of Youth exercises & Light Body (3hrs) & 4 weekly revision session (2 hrs each).

B . Living From Vision conducted over 5 weeks, weekly lesson of 3-4 hrs each. You will receive 3 CDs with powerful morning and evening exercises, 1 Study Manual &1 Daily workbook for five weeks to help you see and feel the success you are creating.

In addition each participant will receive a notebook to journal their experiences and a set of holistic nutritional supplements.

With our dedicated teachers, hesitate no further and let this long- awaited Journey of Self Mastery begin!

Is your life unfolding in a perfect order?

"I use the insights I receive to make my life work in better ways."

'Orin & Daben'

With the increasing search for higher truth amongst many individuals today, some have embarked on numerous programs looking for answers that do not extend beyond their physical minds. This quest itself is driven by occasions in our daily lives where we experience a sense of intuition (commonly known as ‘sixth sense’) or an inner awareness subtly guiding us to make certain choices of which most of us are unaware that this is one of the most powerful tool derived from your Higher Self or Soul.

So, how do we connect with our Higher Self? The answer is simply Awakening Your Light Body.

Then, what is Light Body?

Your Light Body is a bridge to your Inner Self. By awakening this Light Body of yours, you will be exploring beyond your physical self and dimensions.

What you will experience in the Light Body sessions will help you in radiating and sharpening all your inner senses which in time connect you to your higher self effortlessly. What you will feel very soon is a higher sense of knowingness which goes beyond intuition, sharpening all your senses to exemplify your fullest and innermost potential and convert them into physical skills that will:

    · Balance your state of emotions

    · Increase your focus mentally and physically

    · Stay centered effortlessly in your daily life

    · Clarity of mind and thought which helps in life choices

    · Radiate harmony and love to all surroundings and relationships

    · Aligned your inner and physical self thus achieving total balance

    · Heighten your awareness to be able to look at situations at an aerial perspective

    · Resolve unwanted situations without reacting physically but learning to harmonize in these situation

    · Consciously connect and communicate with your Inner Master for intuitive guidance

    · Deepen your spiritual understanding of the higher truths in life

What you are about to embark on is a journey that is specifically tailored into 3 stages for each individual needs and progress.

Module 1 Building Your Power Base and Awakening Your Heart Center

By activating the vibrations of your heart centre, you will be able improve your focus, attention and consistently stay in balance in everyday life circumstances and situations. Experience a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centered, release old blocks and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion. Improve your relationships with others as you develop greater empathy and ability to communicate harmoniously.

Module 2 Activating Higher Energy Centers and Aligning Your Energy Bodies

Awaken your upper energy centers to activate your higher mind, increase your creativity and learn to energize and bring your inner vision to life. Build your energy cocoon of protection so that wherever you go you are able to maintain your state of neutrality and balance and not allow the energies in the environment to affect you. Learn to harmonize energies within and around you, creating peace, joy and harmony wherever you are.

Module 3 Awaken Your Light Body and Become Radiant

Be a radiating source of light, love and wisdom. Experience the joy of ‘oneness’ and walk the path of self mastery.

Unleash Your Inner Potential to Visualize Your Future!

Vision is one of our most powerful human gifts because it combines the power of the senses, the mind and the heart. When we discover our purpose we can envision many ways to fulfill it. We become more resourceful and creative, better able to inspire effective teamwork. We can see hope inside despair, direction in the midst of chaos, and options inside challenges.

Living from Vision helps you to develop your own vision in life and become the predominant creative force in your life by mastering the creative process. Based on the powerful ideas of Robert Fritz, Anthony Robbins, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), and other pioneers of manifestation and human potential this structured course teaches you the language of imagery, the conscious use of your imagination to tap into your inner potential. Learn the most powerful thinking skill which involves synergizing the three different modes of thinking – intellect, imagery and emotion. Whole brain synergy empowers you to transform life-long patterns to bring about what is most important to you. Empower yourself as your reach for your highest aspirations and pre-create your success with the powerful visualization skills you will learn.

Living From Vision

Self Discovery → Step back to see where you are in life right now

Identify What you Want in Life → Develop your vision in life

Empowering your choices → Stay focused on what you have set out to achieve and to prioritize effectively

Sharpening your awareness → Realize your intuition and inner guidance becoming more accurate

Engaging inner wisdom in daily life → Solving problems effortlessly with creative solutions and feel enlightened at the same time

Manifesting and energizing goals → With the combination of your inner wisdom and skills acquired in this course to manifest your dreams

In this period of 5 weeks, you will be looking forward to new experiences and discoveries in every lesson. You will also come to realize how powerful you can be to be in full control of your live and what you have envisioned for yourself in the coming years


The cutting edge exercise that will be highly popular after Yoga & Pilates…

Fountain of Youth exercise is a series of five highly energizing postures and exercises, which relax & rejuvenate your body. It is a whole body workout designed to affect every part of the body, every energy centre, organ and system. Liberating and enhancing the innate energetic power of the human body and mind, these five exercises take a minimum of daily time and effort but offer remarkable results in the way of increased physical strength and flexibility as well as mental clarity. The series of stretching exercises works to release the stress & tension that builds up in the body and strengthens the body’s ability to cope with stress.

As Bernies S. Siegel, MD says – “ In these exercises, you will be introduced to ideas, techniques, and wisdom that can empower you, enhance your health, increase your joy of living, and cause you to live longer. However, you won’t notice that you are living longer. You’ll be too busy enjoying life and living it fully.”

The Benefits of Fountain of Youth:

  • Increased energy, health & vitality
  • Calmer, clearer, more relaxed state of mind
  • Good for circulation and respiration
  • Tones the heart muscles and the diaphragm, and the lymphatic flow
  • Help clear sinus congestion
  • Better resistance to colds & flu
  • Helps those suffering from osteoporosis
  • Weight loss
  • Smoother, younger looking skin
  • Relief from back, spine and neck pain
  • Relieves symptoms of all kinds of arthritis
  • Clears sinus congestion
  • Reduces digestive and bowel problems
  • Helpful for irregular menstrual cycles
  • Alleviates symptoms of PMS & meno-pause