What participants say about the program?

"Thy Vision Smile's Light Body course has helped me to become more centred at all times, to see myself as a channel of light, love and peace, and consequentially has helped me to be more loving to self and all around me. Change has to begin with self and from within. Within months of practising Light Body, I have begun to manifest great things in my life - inner healing, better relationships, as well as smoother career. I highly recommend Thy Vision Smile to everybody regardless of age, nationality or religion"

Dr Martha Lee

The formula for happiness must be found within oneself in the present moment or it will be lost foreverI had always tried to live my best, always hoping I would be more fortunate in the future while enjoying my present blessings. I started classes with Thy Vision Smile in January and graduated in July 2003. The courses had led me to do more self-contemplation. I realized I had the tendency to take care of others first which often left me felt frustrated and betrayed when others did not meet my expectations. However, since taking the course I realize the need to nurture my inner self for a more fulfilled living. I had re-organized my priorities, simplified my routines and consciously applied the techniques taught in my daily life.

The journeys during Light Body exercises had given me surprising and meaningful insights. I had been given the necessary guidance, if previously I am constantly worried about my future, I have learned to let go and trust I am capable to deal with any challenges. Each experience is a journey for me to discover more about my inner blessings.

By taking self-responsibility to enhance my spiritual development, I had received extra bonuses, seen improvements especially in the physical, mental and emotional areas of my life. I?? more detached, jovial and optimistic about my future. Thanks to the training and support from the capable instructors of Thy Vision Smile, the quality of my life had greatly improved. My mind is less cluttered, I?? more focused, energetic and calmly enjoying the art of effortless living."

Satinah Hamid
Sr. Prison Officer

"When I reflect upon the life that we live in, I realized that we are living in challenging times, where elements of darkness & light are always interplay in every situation we faced.

Challenged at almost every level of our being: from Physical & Emotional level to our mental faculties. We are always faced with challenging situations such as datelines, work commitments and relationship. It is either we manage them well, or they catch us up. The equilibrium of our state of mind, emotions or physical body will be affected, if these situations are not managed well.

Wouldn?? it be great if there is some techniques that we can easily apply to assist us to stay focus and clear in our beingness; clearing away the cluttered in our mind; neutralize excessive negative emotions.

I am lucky to chance upon a program offered by Thy Vision Smile, called ??he Power of Self Mastery?? Facilitated by a team of supportive and dedicative staffs and volunteers, I was introduced to many easy-to-apply techniques, and processes to achieve balance in 6 areas of life: from physical, emotional, and mental to social, financial and even spiritual. Knowing Thyself is often emphasis and is crucial. As I start to know myself better, I am able to manage my life better.

Some highlights of the program that I would like to mention are that: we are taught techniques that we can use in our daily life to achieve balance in our state of emotions and mind. It is like having different tools at the back of the fingertips. Applying them when we faced different challenging situations. We are also asked to reply more on our Intuitive Feeling, to take the appropriate actions or decisions. Since the wisdom that is within us is often prompting and guiding us in this manner.

Armed with the new tools and techniques to manage situations, I find myself looking forward to Life, instead of escaping from it. Furthermore, new insights and synchronicity begins to develop, as a result of this new ways of living. I am so glad to have found this program that has worked so well for me"

Anthony Seow

"When I first saw the advertisement in the newspaper, curiosity brought me to attend the Free Preview at Thy Vision Smile 2 years ago. At the preview, I was introduced to the six areas of our life that we can improve. They are Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Financial. I just thought ok, so what? Then met Keith who strongly recommended that I join this course!! Frankly speaking, I was very skeptical at first and baulk at the high course fee. Knowing my concern, Keith then introduces one of the Graduates, Freddy to share his experience and benefits of this course. Thus, after some consideration and calculation, I signed up for this course on the spot with Keith.The day came when I first learn Fountain of Youth exercises. Ouch!! I am aching everywhere from head to toes literally!! I was in so much pain that I wanted to give up. So, I sent an email to Keith and told him how much I paid to ??uffer??and wanted to quit! To my surprise, Keith actually said he can refund my Course fees in full!! However, he asked me one question which leaves me to ponder. He said: Is this really what you want? Hmm??hat leads me to seek answer within my inner self. After some soul-searching, I began to realize the one causing pain and suffering is MYSELF!! Thereafter, I told myself to learn the proper techniques and see what happens. Gradually, I find the course more pleasure that pressure as compared to the first time. In fact, I see a lot of changes when I practiced conscientiously. Now, I am able to wake up at 6am and do 11 sets of 5 rites every morning! After completing the 5 rites and awakening my light body, I feel recharged and refreshed to face the day?? challenges.The benefits that I have gained are immeasurable!! Also, I realized all 6 areas of my life have improved tremendously. Thanks to Keith and all at Thy Vision Smile who has placed our interests above theirs. For me, the adage ??o Pain No Gain??really applies!!Indeed, the knowledge and techniques learnt will be useful throughout our life."

Jindy Young

??rom ??strong>Awakening Your Light Body?? I have experienced more peace and it brought more beauty, love, unit, order and harmony into my life. I am able to stay calm and positive in difficult situations and am able to pick up new skills very quickly. When I apply ??ight Body??at work, I become more focused and aware of what is required to excel at tasks. In some cases, I gain insights to preamp problems from arising. ??ight Body??technique is an essential tool to acquire in this century in order to have a balanced life. It is also an excellent tool to enhance and lift us spiritually.??/p>

Esther Foo
C Formal Senior Systems Engineer in GDS field

??or years I??e tried to show unconditional love to friends and foes alike. Unconditional love is giving and giving and not receiving anything in return. With ??ight body?? I??e realised how to do it. I must emphasize that ??ight Body??is neither a motivational program nor does it profess to provide solutions to all your life problems. To me, it is a journey of discovery of my inner self, going back to my origins, balancing my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical states.??br />

HR Practitioner

"I chanced upon Thy Vision Smile flyer when I was ordering lunch at Organic Paradise. The Fountain of Youth (FOY) flyer caught my eye - who doesn't want to have the Fountain of Youth. Besides the Fountain of Youth, there were also other interesting workshops and they promise that it'll work.

I called them up, had a talk and signed up.

Went for FOY exercises and was it dreadful! It certainly woke me up to realization on how abused my body had been. These are internal exercises that will revitalize one's internal organs and thus great health follows. Difficult as it was in the beginning, I practiced it and now find it much easier and already I feel healthier. I am able to do the chores I once did when I was younger.

After this, we were 'initiated' and another one followed. The teaching is simple, the facilitators honest and unpretentious and they practice what they teach. I was told to do my homework, which I did and it WORKED! I managed to create Harmony everywhere. It's really nice when you have harmony, not just at home but at your workplace where, more often than not, politicking is the game.

Although I'm a 'newbie' it has worked for me and I'm sure for the others as well. I've definitely become more Aware of so many things around me - be it big or small. I've even learnt to accept the people I used to dislike. And I'm attracting great 'teachers'
(young and old) to my life. I love and pamper myself a little more now and am understanding and practicing detachment with love.

I'm certainly looking forward to the second and third modules. This is one workshop that is well worth investing in - a sound investment that is going to last a quality lifetime - physically and spiritually."