Building Vision

Unleash Your Inner Potential to Visualize Your Future!

Vision is one of our most powerful human gifts because it synergizes the power of the senses, the mind and the heart. When we discover our purpose we can envision many ways to fulfill it. We become more resourceful and creative, better able to inspire effective teamwork. We can see hope inside despair, direction in the midst of chaos, and options inside challenges. Living from Vision helps you to develop your own vision in life and become the predominant creative force in your life by mastering the creative process.

Based on the powerful ideas of Robert Fritz, Anthony Robbins, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), and other pioneers of manifestation and human potential, this structured course teaches you the language of imagery, the conscious use of your imagination to tap into your inner potential. Learn the most powerful thinking skills which involves synergizing the three different modes of thinking – intellect, imagery and emotion. Whole brain synergy empowers you to transform life-long patterns to bring about what is most important to you. Empower yourself as your reach for your highest aspirations and pre-create your success with the one of the most powerful visualization skills you will learn.

Living From Vision : What You Will Learn?

  • Self-Discovery – Step back to see where you are in life right now
  • Identify What you Want in Life – Develop your vision in life
  • Empowering your choices – Stay focused on your vision and how to prioritize effectively
  • Sharpening your awareness – Become more intuitive and ber inner guidance
  • Engaging inner wisdom in daily life – Solving problems more effortlessly & creatively
  • Manifesting and energizing goals – Combining inner wisdom with pragmatic skills to manifest your dreams